Stop Gear Sliding with Tree Frog Pads


One of the biggest problems with sailing is that a lot of the time, you spend life at 20-30 degrees askew. We have a big strap in the galley to keep our cook in one place, but nothing like that to keep our laptop from sliding off the table. I have … [Read more]

What Sails Should You Take Cruising?

Lots of Sails

While preparing for an extended cruise or passage, one important consideration is going to be what sails you are going to decide to take. Being away from home for so long, and making sure you have room to stuff in all the oreos and legos, you aren’t … [Read more]

Microfiber Pack Towels for Sailing

Microfiber Pack Towel Review

Cruising with three young children, a staple of everyday, often several times a day, is swimming. Where there is swimming on a sail boat, there are wet towels hanging from the lifelines. Tiring the boys with swimming is an important part of our … [Read more]

How Safe is the Caribbean?


Last week, a British man was murdered on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia. I'll be honest, that scared me a little. In about 9 months, I am taking my wife and three boys to the Caribbean, and had pondered St Lucia on our itinerary. Can I keep them … [Read more]