Snorkeling in Statia


St Eustatius, or Statia, is one of the best places for snorkeling we have been to. This is a guide for snorkeling in Gallows Bay. In most guide books it talks about the ruined warehouses underwater, but there are many other interesting things that … [Read more]

Gear Review – Mantus Anchor

mantus anchors

When most people think of important equipment for cruising sailors, they thinks of sails, hardware, or autopilots. But really, when one thinks of the proportion of time different activities occupy, the most important piece of equipment is the anchor. … [Read more]

Guadeloupe to Antigua Passage


It's hard to describe how amazing it is as I am writing this. Words like epic and spiritual come to mind. Let me see if I can paint the scene for you, the sight, the movement and sounds of a sailboat traveling at night. We are twenty miles … [Read more]