Fun With Your Sat Phone

Less than two weeks away from the Caribbean 1500, and I have been working hard to get things ready. One important tool is our satellite phone, used to get our weather forecasts. … [Read more]

Fun With MacENC Navigation Software

Tartan Boat Wind Speed

After (roughly) 392 nautical miles miles of sailing, halfway down the US East Coast, the deepest we have been in has been in the first few minutes of the trip. Who-da-thunk? What am I talking about? After considerable effort, I have my navigation … [Read more]

Installing an Atlantic Tower’s Arch


Alchemy has a really nice rear end, er, stern. But this leads to a problem in that we have all sorts of stuff hanging off it. MOM module, Lifesling, stern anchor, GPS, VHF, outboard mount, etc. The problem is that Alchemy's skinny butt means that … [Read more]

Zero to Internet with WaveWiFi Rogue


This week has been a pretty frustrating one. We are about T - 10 days to move aboard our boat, and I am desperately trying to get her ready. One thing I am learning is that anything on a boat is two steps forward and one step back, or sometimes … [Read more]

Installing Air-Only Ventilators


The Tartan 41 is known as an offshore racer, and as such, its design doesn't feature many holes in the deck, to make sure its secure from green water. For most cruisers at anchor however, these holes in the deck are otherwise known as ventilation. … [Read more]