Landfall in Tortola


Five days ago Alchemy made landfall in Nanny Cay, Tortola. After 1,464 miles and (roughly) 11d 13h 0m 1s at sea, we came  into Tortola at 11:45pm at night. As I think the oldest boat in the fleet (Alchemy is 40 years old), we started 4-5 hours late … [Read more]

The Tropics

For the last day, we have been sailing further and further south, some 200 miles. Today we can feel the sun, bright in the blue sky. Layers come off and we are changing from our matching red Gill jackets to shorts and t shirts. … [Read more]

Swell Hell

Three days towards Tortola and about 350 miles. The low pressure forecast seems to have slipped north of us as planned, as we stayed a more southerly course to duck under it. But now the wind has dropped and we are feeling the effects of the low with … [Read more]

Alchemy has Set Sail

It's been an intense and challenging few days. Only fours days before the start of the Caribbean 1500 rally to Tortola, BVI, we discovered a fracture in our headstay chainplate. Somewhat important, as it keeps the mast up. After heroic efforts by … [Read more]

Halfway to the Caribbean


After some nine weeks of travels and trials, we have made it to what I consider is our halfway point to the Caribbean, Portsmouth VA. This is the staging and departure point of the Caribbean 1500, our rally to the BVI. It's been pretty crazy. I had … [Read more]

Fun With Your Sat Phone

Less than two weeks away from the Caribbean 1500, and I have been working hard to get things ready. One important tool is our satellite phone, used to get our weather forecasts. … [Read more]